16 April 2014

Spot the difference

Today's entertainment is brought to you courtesy of Essentials Magazine and Ideal Home magazine. When reading the recipe section in the May issue of Ideal Home, I got a rather vivid sense of déjà vu. The brunch recipes looked delicious, but rather familiar... 

I don't tend to keep magazine recipes very often, but (rather serendipitously) a collection of tasty breakfast ideas caught my eye in Essentials Magazine about two years ago, and I subsequently stuck the pages on the fridge for some lazy Sunday morning inspiration. 

So, shall we play spot the difference? 


Katie xxx

P.S. The Boston Beans are delicious, by the way.

15 April 2014

Day beds and de-cluttering

Hey sweetcheeks! How's tricks?

Apologies for the silence- last week I was been bitten by the de-cluttering bug and subsequently launched a strategic attack on every cupboard, drawer, and vintage suitcase in the house to oust some of the general detritus we've apparently begun hoarding over the last few years. 

When we were renting I had regular, ruthless clear-outs, to save us lugging armloads of unnecessary stuff from one place to the next, but since buying our house I've felt less compelled to de-clutter (aside from the occasional bag of odds and ends going to the charity shop). As a result, our loft is bursting with boxes of tat, nearly-empty tins of paint, Tom's old uni coursework, bags of my falling-apart shoes, and Playmobile pirate ships. 

Obviously, one must keep one's energy levels up when heaving chests of drawers up and down stairs on their own (one could have waited 20 minutes for one's boyfriend to get home from work and help, but one is not known for one's patience). Thankfully, my Mother In Law came to the rescue on Sunday with some gorgeous Easter treats:

I took the photo above this afternoon. There were a lot more eggs in there on Sunday...

In addition to throwing out an entire binbag full of old birthday and Christmas cards (which I sorted on our bed, thereby covering it in loose glitter) I've decided to get rid of the denim chair in our dining room (because it turned out to be awfully uncomfortable) and turn our south-facing guest bed into a day bed for curling up on with a magazine. By "day bed" I basically mean, "add lots more blankets and cushions". Serendipitously, my MIL made me a beautiful patchwork cushion for my birthday! It goes perfectly with the others I've thrown on there already, and is a step closer to the number of cushions a good day bed needs (12, I reckon).

Panda cushion, new patchwork cushion,
Sweet Dreams pillowcase, and cloud cushion.

Reverse of lovely new cushion
I've only done two rooms so far (we have a LOT of stuff) but the house is looking better already, and I'm excited to crack on with the sorting.

How do you feel about de-cluttering? A therapeutic pastime, or a boring, dusty, chore? 

Katie xxx

8 April 2014

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

Here are three things which are currently rockin' my socks:

1. Pimping the washing up.
Fancy glass bottle + oil spout dispenser thingummy = glamorous washing up liquid agogo. Much better than a regular plastic bottle, no?

2. Mystery boxes.
When I came home yesterday I couldn't get into our front porch because it was full of packing boxes and bubble wrap. My first thought was Tom had decided to leave me (fair play to him, really- there's only so much enforced eating of cake a man should have to take!). Tom was quick to take credit upon returning home, and told me he’d bought me a surprise DIY extension kit- the perfect combination of country kitchen and box fort.

Sadly, he was lying (I knew it!). The boxes were actually for our neighbours, who are apparently moving next week. Once they've gone, Tom and I will be the longest-residing inhabitants of our terrace. Which means my master plan of driving people to sell up and move with my enthusiastic shower-warbling (so we can sneakily knock through into the neighbouring houses and live in all four) is totally working. Yes!

3. Sleeping in the savannah
Well, almost - thanks to my awesome birthday presents from Tom.

I love that the tiger one is in the kids' section, but the zebra one is apparently classy enough to be deemed adult bedding.

What's currently floating your boat?

Katie xxx

6 April 2014

A new age bracket

Hey y'all*!

*Turns face back and forth* Can you see any extra wrinkles? 

As of Thursday, I'm now the grand ol' age of 26 - moving into a whole new age bracket on multiple-choice forms, and no longer scraping into the Young Person category for National Trust membership (which costs less than half the price of an adult one). Boo.

On the plus side, I managed to stretch my birthday celebrations out over three days; which I reckon is pretty good going. I also only worked on Tuesday and Wednesday - something I could very easily get used to! 

Birthday cards and a pretty new book

I spent Thursday morning chilling out at home with Marmite on toast and Sarah Moore's Vintage Home (a present from Tom, which I asked for after reading the lovely Anna's review), followed by an afternoon of shopping hardcore cardio/weightlifting due to buying the bits for my parcel for Lauren's Easter Gift Swap. I somehow managed to spend an hour and a half in Brighton Homesense. The evening involved a pre-theatre dinner in Wagamamas, and being treated to a White Russian and front-row seats for the hilarious David Sedaris by a girlfriend (thanks again, Holly!). 

It also involved a lot of my new favourite tea.
This stuff is SERIOUSLY delicious. Seriously.

Tom and I spent Friday exploring Groombridge Place, which was so amazing I've decided it's worthy of a post of all of its own - so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled later in the week. It involved giant swings**, drunken gardens, and raptors. You know it's going to be good.

Yesterday Tom and I hosted my birthday party, which meant a morning of cleaning the house, making salads, and lining up cakes, before an afternoon of eating too much BBQ food, copious laughter with some of my all time favourite people, and plenty of rum. 

Believe it or not, five kinds of cake is pretty restrained for one of my parties...
Oh, and presents! Amongst other treats, I'm now the proud owner of this INCREDIBLE alarm clock:

[image source]

Today has involved tea with my parents, leftover BBQ food, and scoffing miniature scones whilst catching up on some good TV. Tomorrow will centre around counting down the minutes until Made in Chelsea Season 7 starts. Eep!

What did you get up to this week? 

Katie xxx 

P.S. I'm linking this post up with the fabulous Hannah's The Week That Was: Captured (TWTWC).

* Sorry, I've been watching too much Nashville

** Honestly- those swings have ruined regular-sized swings for me, forever. It was totally worth it. 

31 March 2014

House Tour: Living Room update

Hello lovelies!

Did you have a nice weekend?

Mine involved a garden picnic, a bit of sewing, a pub lunch in the sunshine, a hand massage, shopping with girlfriends, hairstyle experimentation, and a chocolate festival(!)

The glorious spring sunshine has stirred my (normally very much quashed) desire to complete some jobs which have been languishing on the To Do List in my House scrapbook. I've got plenty of half-finished jobs to choose from, but while I tackle those I thought I'd share some of the decorative updates in our living room since I last posted some photos.

We've added a picture ledge behind the sofa, to fill the previously blank space. I'm really enjoying being able to mix-and-match the objects and pictures on the shelves whenever I want to. 

It's currently holding Ikea frames containing postcards from this collection, two Pink Floyd albums (Tom's contribution), one of my new Tom Frost postcards, and an excellent piece of colouring in Tom and I did together at Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight.

I've also displayed the box my postcards came in, my Smile art, and some pretty paper from Homemaker magazine.

My favourite lamp is currently filled with my spools of sewing thread, and I've kept out one of the tealight houses I displayed at Christmas under a glass dome from DotComGiftShop (a total bargain in their current sale). 

Our fireplace is looking cheery thanks to the flowers I was given last weekend, and my Lego letters (which remain one of my all-time favourite DIYs). 

I recently discovered that Paperchase's individual sheets of wrapping paper fit exactly into Ikea's Ribba Frames. This made me incredibly happy, because it's essentially poster-sized art for under £3. I was originally hoping to put this frame on the picture ledge but it's too tall, but I kinda like it leaning against the wall all casual-like. 

Are you feeling the spring cleaning urge? 

Katie xxx