28 February 2015

Czeching out Prague

Hello lovelies!

What's the 4-1-1? And, more importantly, what does "4-1-1" even MEAN? 

You veteran readers will be aware that I'm quite a fan of the occasional epic adventure. My travels have taken me from Norwich to Nepal (although, thanks to my Geographical Dyslexia, I couldn't tell you which was which), and last weekend saw me jetting off for a mini-break in Prague. 

There are already countless websites listing the best things to do in Prague much more eloquently than I ever could, so I'm going to focus on the things I know best; weird stuff and food. Mostly food. Before reading any further, please make sure your seatbelts are fastened and your tray tables are in the upright position. Thank you.

Firstly, you simply MUST visit M&S in Wenceslas Square, just to admire the denim shark in their window. 

Seriously- why aren't our M&S stores' window displays this cool?!

Then, if you only have time to eat one thing while you're in Prague, you won't regret choosing the Domácí koláč from Cake Café Prague. It tastes like the love-child of a plum crumble and an apple sponge and, like all great romances, ends in tragedy. In this case, the tragedy was me being too stupid to think of emptying my suitcase and filling it with Domácí koláč before I flew home. 

The other tragedy is that it's SO delicious I couldn't restrain my fork for long enough to photograph it. So, instead, here's a photo of the banana-and-Nutella pancake I had there for brunch the next day. I usually try to visit as many different eateries as I can when I'm on holiday but, when the food is that delicious, a lack of return visit would basically be a crime. 

FYI - the fresh fruit juices are AMAZEBALLS, and totally balance out the fact you're eating whipped cream before 11am. Honest.

Before my visit, I was (not so) reliably informed that Prague's staple cuisine included copious quantities of waffles; so I naturally made it my mission to find some. My quest was harder than expected but, proving I'm nothing if not determined (especially when waffles are involved), I eventually tracked some down at Café Parisienne; where they also serve champagne and broadcast a continuous loop of Victoria's Secret catwalk show footage on a screen behind the bar. Of course. 

The French toast with berry compote isn't too bad either...

Post-brunch, if you feeling the urge to visit a local landmark or two, I'd suggest a stomp over the Charles Bridge to the Gingerbread Museum

The term "museum" may be stretching the truth a little, but just LOOK at all the adorable gingerbread. 

Being such a dedicated investigative journalist, I sampled some gingerbread hearts JUST FOR YOU GUYS, and can confirm it tastes as delicious as it looks. 

After discovering on day one that Cafedu make their hot chocolate with actual chocolate buttons, I thought I'd reached Peak Hot Chocolate. Less than 24 hours later, I was (blissfully) proven wrong. I still don't know what Paul does to his hot chocolate, but it is knee-weakeningly good, and as thick as school dinner custard. 

Paul's hot chocolate is EVEN BETTER than a Lion Angel Statue.
It's almost incomprehensible.

Finally, if you want to sample some traditional Czech food (or, y'know, eat something savoury) you can feast like a Carbohydrate King at Restaurant Trilobite; an underground bar, slightly off the beaten track, which seems to be frequented by locals. 

L-R: "Traditional" mash (e.g. full of pork and onions), potato dumplings, sausage and chips, and veggie risotto.

Have you ever been to Prague? And, if so, do you still dream about the Domácí koláč too?

Katie xxx

P.S. The architecture's not bad either, I guess. Although it's no Paul's hot chocolate...

20 February 2015

Cold Cheese and Jemaine Clement

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

Sorry it's been so long (again!) - my Life Outside The Internet (can one even imagine such a thing?!) has cheekily been getting in the way of blogging. Utterly outrageous, isn't it?

I've got SO much to tell you all, I don't know where to start. I guess "the beginning" seems like a reasonable approach, but seeing as my life's motto has always been "bollocks to reasonable" (well, that and "there's no such thing as too much cake") I might start in the middle and see how that goes. So, in no particular order, recently I've been:

1. Suffering from a cold.
And, subsequently, The Return Of The Cold. This meant spending the last few weeks producing vast quantities of tissues from every pocket I could, like The World’s Grossest Magician. I've finally returned to normal levels of grossness (3 on the Grossness Scale, in case you were wondering) thanks to a three-pronged attack of Vitamin C tablets, extra blankets, and the magical food combination below:

2. Discovering I like Fake Cheese
And feeling a little bit ashamed about it. Not that it stopped me from stuffing another forkful of the stuff into my face. I made this (life-changing) discovery during a recent dinner date at MEATliquor with a bunch of beautiful Brighton-based bloggers, after being invited along to try their new veggie/vegan menu options.

This is one of two trays. And there was only five of us.

I'm not going to lie; it was a bit of a greasy carb-fest. However, seeing as I'm not usually a Fast Food kinda gal, I actually rather enjoyed the novelty of consuming a meal without any recognisable vegetables. The Fake Cheese Experience (as it will heretofore be known) was thanks to the Hippie Fries (front and centre in the photo above); which are essentially served loaded with onion marmalade and cheese goo. Sounds disgusting, tastes delicious. Trust me.

3. Watching Jemaine Clement. A lot.
Not in a from-the-bushes-outside-his-house kind of way. I've got enough on my plate keeping up with my Joe Manganiello GPS Tracker. I've been re-watching Flight of the Conchords (which is ruddy excellent, by the way) as a precursor to (hopefully) seeing his new vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows. It's being screened via a sort of Kickstarter-y thing (she says, being all Down With The Kids or whatever), based on ticket sales for local venues. I've bought tickets for the Brighton screening, so if you live near Brighton please, PLEASE buy one too, because:
1. It's going to be hilarious; and 
2. Even if you hate the film, you'll basically be on a cinema date with me, which I'm pretty sure we can all agree will be a priceless treasure of an experience.

4. Dressing up
In fancy/ridiculous clothing, and taking changing-room selfies. If you look reeeeally closely, you can see the self-depreciating judgement in my eyes for being such a blogger cliché. 

I didn't buy The Glitter Ball Dress (for shame), because the back was all weird and ridiculous. The front, of course, was sensible perfection. I did, however, buy this tuxedo jumpsuit thing to wear on a Valentine's date, and felt DAMN FANCY while doing so:

5. Eating brunch
Brunch is now officially my Favourite Meal Of The Day, and I can confirm that a brunch of pancakes eaten in bed pretty much tops the lot...

Sorry, dinner; you just don't cut it any more.

What have you been up to recently?  

Katie xxx

5 February 2015

Three Things Thursday

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last TTT post, despite the fact that logic tells me there's traditionally a week-long space between Thursdays. But still, where has the time gone?! etc. etc...

Without further ado, here's a list of three things I'm currently loving almost as much as Kitchen Dancing to All About That Bass...

1. Charming Correspondence
Despite being an avid lover of internet-based communication to the point where I basically count this blog as my social life, I've always felt there's something rather magical about good ol' fashioned pen-to-paper post. I love the personal element of handwritten letters, especially when drafted on unusual stationery, and the fact they make it easier to pretend to be a Jane Austen heroine than when receiving missives by email. 

I'm a huge fan of quirky illustrations on envelopes (who would've thunk it, huh?), which I feel tend to usually be underutilised for maximum creativity. I imagine it also cheers the postie up no end to be delivering letters decorated with hand-drawn dinosaurs/goblins/ penguins or a handful of glittery stickers. I was therefore rather overjoyed to find this gem on the back of a recent letter from a penpal: 

2. Immaturity
Sometimes, one must simply push aside one's usually highly sophisticated manner in favour of snort-laughing like a small child deploying a whoopie cushion. Who's with me? 

3. Appreciating the simple things
I'm prescribing you all a 5 minute break to appreciate the simple things in life, in whatever form works best for you. A bowl of delightfully pink porridge, a beautiful moss-covered wall, or walking behind someone with a really good bum*...

What have you been appreciating recently?

Katie xxx

* Come on - admit it. You were sad there wasn't a bum photo.