26 October 2014

My week, continued

Hello lovelies!

How have you been?

Given how brilliantly this week began, writing an update on painting the trim in our kitchen seems rather dull. This weekend I've been working through the remainder of last weekend's To Do list, interspersed with re-watching Him and Her and researching potential holiday destinations. As we aren't able to go away until January, I've attempted to mollify my current wanderlust by snooping through strangers' houses browsing beautiful apartments on Airbnb

I've also been enjoying my own DIY-related silver lining; the excuse to choose new hardware and paint. The giddy excitement of d├ęcor-related decision-making peaked this weekend when we agreed to paint our hallway radiator in Farrow and Ball's Stone Blue. You may have heard the squeals of excitement and/or celebratory parade organised in our honour.  

Editor's note: Congratulations to anyone still reading this; I realise that the last paragraph was (rather aptly) about as scintillating as watching paint dry. Even if it is fancy Farrow and Ball paint. 

I repainted the airing cupboard door yesterday, and subsequently decided to treat us myself to a new door handle. Sadly, this one failed to make it through the strict approval process Tom has imposed for new house-related purchases:

[image source]

So, after Tom cemented my suspicions that he is clearly has no taste when it comes to door handles, I decided to hunt down a green one to match the landing's walls instead. This proved trickier than it sounds, given that there's no way on earth I'm ever going to Google "a green knob". I ended up choosing this one:

[image source]

My weekend hasn't only involved DIY - there have been some fun parts too! Last night we caught up with some friends over a cheeky pint, before stuffing ourselves to bursting point with a seriously scrumptious (free!) dinner at The Hearth in Lewes. We won a free meal for two in a quiz held there a few weeks ago, and were very excited to sample more of their dangerously delicious sourdough pizzas. We also shared a HUGE starter of freshly-baked breadsticks and dips, so ended up eating more carbs in one sitting than most Olympians do in a week. Shamefully, my greediness bested my inner blogger, and I didn't take a single photo. Instead, I made the most of an evening sans-camera, and spent it plotting our future together over a glass of wine. 

What have you been up to this week? 

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm linking up to newly-wed Hannah's TWTWC

P.P.S. While pondering dangerous Googling, I checked the recent search keywords which have led people to my blog:

I've got NO idea why "armless one-legged driver" linked to my blog, and I'm a little scared why someone was searching for it in the first place!

22 October 2014

A Wonderful Week

Hello lovelies!
How's your week going? 

Mine has been EPIC so far. So many good things have happened already, and it's only flippin' Wednesday! 

First off, I discovered an alternative word for "diagonal" - catty-cornered. How brilliant is that?!

Secondly, I'm spending two days of this week on a training course, and day one involved so much cake that I had to bring some of it home for Tom(!)

Thirdly, my bestie sent me a link to this video. "Joey" climbing the ladder totally made my day. 

I'd assumed today would peak when I finished work and got to put on my new socks. If you're thinking that sounds a bit sad, you've clearly never experience socks this cosy before. 

Anyway, cosy or not, I was fantastically wrong about the socks being the highlight of my day. I arrived home to find this mystery parcel waiting for me:

I was mentally revisiting recent online purchases to think of anything that might have such a beautiful, handwritten address, and came up with nothing. Then I unwrapped it and found this:

That's right. Ribbon AND glitter. By now, my heart was beating like I'd just run a marathon. Or so I assume, given that I have no idea what a post-exercise heartbeat feels like. Then I opened it and found THIS:

Freakin' UNICORNS people. Sadly, I can't share smells with you over the internet, but this box also smelt like vanilla cookies and MAGIC. Turns out it was this candle:

And I also found all of this inside:

While unwrapping the presents (accompanied by plenty of gleeful squealing) I kept searching for a card to reveal the mystery sender, but had no luck. It was only after discovering the diary contained a rather special date that I realised it was from my future sister in law:

I immediately sent her a totally non-hysterical text, to find out what I'd done to deserve a mystery box of such awesomeness. Then she told me to look under the lid...


This week is seriously kicking ass. 

Katie xxx

18 October 2014

Photo an hour

Hello lovelies!!

How are your weekends going so far? 

My day involved catching up with chores and life admin, which I decided to thoroughly document for your reading pleasure, like a slightly more feminine David Attenborough. I've even included instructions in case you want to live like me for a day. 

Wake up late, after staying up 'til stupid o'clock the night before watching Ru Paul's Drag Race. Write To Do List on phone while still in bed.

MacGyver takeaway box into container to post blog competition prizes. Use half world's stock of Sellotape. Hipster moustache tape optional*.

Eat very late breakfast of marmite on toast. Drink orange juice. Watch Him & Her on Netflix while catching up on web admin.

Dye old shoes with shoe polish. Ignore instructions about using two shoe polish brushes and two cloths. Use old pair of pants instead.

Have a shower. Eat (half past) elevenses. Photograph your drink. If there's one thing the internet needs, it's more shoddy phone photos of hot beverages. You're welcome, internet. 

Sweep floor. Offset poor progress with To Do List by adding stuff you've already done. 

Take parcel to be posted, stomping through autumn leaves whenever possible.

Worry about your choice of newsagent after the cashier makes a point of putting your parcel on a hard-to-reach shelf "so no-one steals it". Contemplate buying a bottle of wine for the label alone.

Eat late lunch of tortellini with pesto and goats cheese. Collapse on sofa due to carb overload.

Stay on sofa, pinned by weight of own stomach. Watch one two three episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Vacuum carpets. Set up sewing station and fix pile of broken clothes. Like a clothing hospital.

Turn tunic cursed with eternal static cling into pillowcase. Upon discovering the pillow fits perfectly inside tunic, try not to get paranoid that your torso has the same dimensions as a pillow.

Make vegetable tagine for dinner. Pretend this counteracts earlier carbohydrate consumption. 

Eat dinner while watching Goldie Hawn film of your choice.

Write letter to penpal. Eat chocolate for sustenance. 

Review To Do List. Feel sense of accomplishment.

Katie xxx

*It's not optional. Get some.