21 June 2015

Six Things Sunday

Hey m'dears!

Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a brilliant day and spoiling all the fathers in your life. Unfortunately, my Dad refuses to acknowledge Fathers' Day; so I'm considering sending my card to the North Pole instead to try and sweeten up Santa before next Christmas. Genius, no?

Aside from penning potential missives to the Arctic, here are six other things I've been up to this week:

1. Channelling The Proclaimers
I didn't quite get to 10,000 miles, but I did manage to chalk up over TEN miles this morning across the South Downs. Which would probably have sounded more impressive if I hadn't mentioned 10,000 miles first, huh?

I left at the crack of dawn (well, 9.15; which is the crack of dawn on a Sunday) and spent three hours wandering up hill, down dale, and err... through fields of cows.

The scenery wasn't bad either...

Even washing is more picturesque in the countryside

2. Glamorous Lunch Dates
Sometimes you just can't beat a solo lunch date with a magazine and excessive amounts of carbohydrates.

My lunch date with Kate Hudson

3. Discovering my Soul Sista
I spontaneously picked up Hadley Freedman's book "Be Awesome: Modern Life for Modern Ladies" at the library last weekend and hungrily devoured it in less than two days. I had an "OMG! What if we're BRAIN TWINS?!" moment the minute I saw she'd referenced The Princess Bride in the opening paragraph. Later references to Bill and Ted and her identical hatred of Andie MacDowell (see: Four Weddings and a Funeral) confirmed my suspicions. 

I've now accepted the fact there's no point in me ever trying to write a book, because it would essentially be this one; just not as well written. Bravo, Hadley. 

4. Staring at steers
I spotted this guy early on this morning's jaunt and was very impressed by his trompe l'oile-ness:

Then I almost (literally) bumped into this guy who, you'll have to admit, is even more impressive:

Please excuse AWFUL photo quality. Just pretend it's a watercolour painting.

5. Feeling all feminist
Yesterday morning I was feeling rather blue, but this was solved the minute I found a bargain box set of Gilmore Girls Season 2 (the very reason I went into that shop, no less!) and marathoned the first 4 episodes. You can't beat a bit of linguistically-gymnastic sass.

6. Petitioning
For the management at Poundland to take their hard-working staff to Longleat (and not just because it's awesome):

What have you been up to this week?

I'm linking up to gorgeous Hannah's The Week That Was Captured #TWTWC


Katie xxx

17 June 2015

The Enchanted Sloth & Other Stories

So, now you've all breathed a sigh of relief about the lack of piratical/outer-space-related activities in my life recently, I can get on with, err... spending at least 5 minutes wondering how one goes about becoming a SPACE PIRATE...

Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes - showing you what I've been doing recently. Here goes...

1. Feeling enchanted
I have to admit, my go-to criteria for choosing a new bottle of soap doesn't normally involve assessing it's level of enchantment (it's usually discount and/or smell, depending on my current ratio of thrifty vs. how desperately I want my hands to smell like coconut*). Then I saw this one and all previous thoughts vanished faster than one can say "Enchanté, Mademoiselle Clean-Hands". Which is what I'm forcing everyone to call me from now on.

2. Being lustful in Liberty 
Mostly in the fancy-pants homewares department. I photographed what seemed like hundreds of products I intend to purchase plagiarise the very minute I have my own place/access to my craft stuff again. These were a few of my favourites:

Awesome ceramic chopping board/tray that resembles an artist's palette

Gorgeous fonts, stars and deer? Can't imagine why this set caught my eye...

Looks like the Animals of Liberty Wood met a rather unfortunate ending too

Sneaky fancy-sofa selfie

3. Discovering
The coolest stone on the whole of Brighton beach. I'm sure you'll agree the resemblance is uncanny:

4.  Admiring Irony

Yes, the box was empty...

5. Feeling 3,000 kinds of happy
..and beyond, actually; I reached 3,000 things on this year's Happy Things List last week. THREE THOUSAND - despite my lack of TV/internet access. Not too shabby, 2015(!); especially as my 2014 list only reached 2,302 for the whole year.

No. 3,000 was a pretty good one too

6. Smiling Rye-ly
Well, it was a proper grin really - but I couldn't pass up that pun! I received this gorgeous postcard after a friend's day trip to the seaside. Spontaneously gifted postcards are definitely a winner. 

Have you ever found a stone that resembles an 80's cult movie character? Or been utterly enchanted by some soap?

Katie xxx

*The answer is normally "medium". 

8 June 2015

*Waves so enthusiastically she falls over*

Hello my darlings!! 

How are you all?! What have I missed?! And how the hell is it JUNE already?!?

Just in case you were wondering, I haven't been abducted by aliens/pirates/the circus. Despite spending the last three months loitering on a street corner wearing starry deely-boppers, twirling a hula hoop, and teaching a parrot all my favourite swears... 

Ok, that's a lie*. 

I'm truly sorry it's been so long; I've missed you all like crazy. But, sadly, I still(!) don't have regular internet access in my life. Or a TV. I'm this close to having nightmares about the number of cat memes I've missed out on, and I've developed a nervous tic every time someone mentions the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

What HAVE I been up to, I hear you think. That's right. I can hear people think now. I've been using my TV-free evenings to develop telepathic superpowers. And make a rag rug. 

Alright, alright - those are also lies. I'm playing with fire here, huh? Three months' absence, and then I return with a whole pile of untrue things. 

So, before you abandon this place forever, I'd best tell you some things I've actually been doing:

1. Turning 27. 
My birthday rolled around in April like a giant glitter ball, so I chose to celebrate somewhere with an even bigger one; Creams ice-cream and waffle house. My fellow celebrants sneakily informed the waitresses that it was my birthday, and I was subsequently presented with a candle-bedecked ice-cream sundae so large it made my face do this:

2. Placing at the Dinolympics
Well, technically I came third. Or at least that's what it looks like after I decided to combine my DIY copper-covered T-rex pendant onto the gorgeous turquoise ribbon Skye used to wrap my birthday present. 

3. Dancing like a loon
In the living room, the kitchen, the shower (carefully), at weddings, and at actual clubs that don't close until the sun comes up... I've decided to recapture my booty-shaking youth, and embraced tinnitus as my new best friend. 

4. Laughing at the little things
Including angry carbohydrates...

 ...Takeaway menu typos...

"Hello? Yes - can you please cover my grandmother in honey and chicken?"

... And the best dinosaur name I've EVER heard:

I bet he got all the girlosaurs...

5. Doing some learnin's
On a day out to the Big Smoke. I got to pretend my hands were squirrels...

... Discovered that diplodocusseses had STONES IN THEIR BELLIES(!!)...


... Saw an awesome robot....

... And found the evidence I always knew existed:

So, what have I missed? Please feel free to include links to the cream of the latest kitty videos in the comments below.

Katie xxx

*It's been four months.