4 February 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello lovelies!!

How are you? 

Well, will you look at that? I done gone and got my sparkle back! Hip Hip Hooray!!
To celebrate me escaping the doldrums, here are three things currently forming the icing on my Life Cake. Which is kinda like Birthday Cake, but you can eat it every day of the year. Mmmm.... Life Cake. 

1. Spontaneous Dance Parties
After stumbling upon this little ditty on the way to visit my folks, I practically ran up their front steps, burst threw the front door, and simultaneously cranked up my phone speakers whilst yelling "LIVING ROOM DANCE PARTY IS GO!!" Naturally, my parents joined in with gusto. Well, I had to get my quirk from somewhere...

Do it. You know you want to.

2. Good ol' home cookin'
I've been making a conscious effort of late to do more cooking from scratch. Partly to up my veg intake, as I was wobbling on the brink of scurvy, but mostly due to some serious inspiration in the Thug Kitchen cookbook I got for Christmas. Easy, healthy Mexican recipes peppered with excessive swears, you say? SIGN ME UP, BITCHES. 

3. Cirque du Frock
I'd been lusting after Joules' Circus duvet cover for literally years before I met Skye and found out she actually owned one (which pretty much sealed the deal for our friendship, obviously). So, when Skye recently mentioned she was throwing it out due to a bedroom makeover, I yelled "CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE?!?!" right in her face asked her very politely if she'd consider donating it someone with a penchant for duvet cover dresses....

A few snips later and there it was - my very own CIRCUS DRESS!! 

I love it so much I'm considering taking it to dinner on Valentine's Day. Not wearing. TAKING. 

The duvet now sadly seems to be discontinued at Joules, but I've found some on sale here if you feel like you need more unicycling bears in your life. And, let's be honest, who doesn't?!

What's been floating your boat recently? 

Katie xxx

28 January 2016

Heartbreak: A To Do List

1. Replace all previous food groups with chocolate spread, ice-cream, and wine. Make sure you get your five a day. 

2. Have a duvet day, watch Gilmore Girls on your laptop, and do something ridiculous with your hair. I’m talking scrunchie-sumo-bun here, NOT shaving half your head. The makeover can wait. 

3. Turn up Taylor Swift and sing along until your lungs hurt. NB: Probably better to NOT do this one at work. 

4. Reward yourself when you manage not to cry when you see a cute dog/giant pizza/article about a city you’d discussed visiting. Take a bath, buy new PJs, high five your housemates.

Passed this place without crying? Buy yourself a brownie, girlfriend.

5. Write a numbered pros and cons list a la Friends. And, yes, writing “His Face” 18 times on the pros list so it beats the cons list is cheating; cross that shit out. 

6. Sit on your bestie’s sofa drinking huge cups of tea while they tell you all the reasons He was never good enough in the first place and didn’t deserve you, like, ever. Put Taylor on again. What the hell.

7. Re-read the text from your other bestie telling you how freaking awesome you are. Multiple times a day. 

8. Drink pre-made supermarket cocktails straight from the bottle. On the rail replacement bus service. At 4.30pm. Feel no shame. Mostly because you’re too busy thinking about onion rings....

9. Go for a run. Yes, really. Feel oddly satisfied by your mind being wiped clear of all thoughts except OHSHITTHISHURTSITHINKIMIGHTBESICKAREMYLEGSACTUALLYONFIRE?!

What do you think? Have I missed anything crucial here, peeps? 

Love Katie xxx

24 January 2016

Face Off

Hello lovelies!

How's it going? You'll be relieved to hear I'm finally breaking the suspense of my last post and sharing some of the excellent faces I've seen (and pulled) in the last six weeks or so. 

The first (and by far the cutest!) is my friend's gorgeous baby enraptured by the excellent wisdom I penned in her belated actual day-of-birthday/Christmas card: 

Said advice went along the lines of "Read lots, kick arse and, above all, NEVER, EVER BE ANNE." - referring to Anne of Famous Five fame. As you may recall, Anne basically never went on adventures because she was too busy doing the washing up and recovering from the exhausting chore of making potted meat sandwiches for everyone else. COME ON, ANNE. Seriously.

This is the face of a girl who's just been given the best sweatshirt ever created by humanity. Double-sided astro-goodness, in a fabric so shiny it looks like she plays for some kind of Space Hockey team.

This one's not a human face (just in case you hadn't noticed!) but this bag's been making my face smile ever since she arrived on Thursday. She also makes me feel 27 going on 4. Who cares if the actual bag bit's so small it can only fit my keys in it?!

And y'all get a bonus face thanks to my DIY Panda Cushion

My face again, but almost recognisable thanks to my lovely trainee hairdresser house mate. I've been her model for blow-dry practice twice so far, and it's fun to see what I'd look like as a Real Girl who brushed her hair and stuff. But I've got to be honest- I really don't like my hair when it's this flat. It's impossible to hide snacks in.

Another non-human face, after treating myself to one of the fantastically talented Bex's custom wall art hoops over at The Pigeon's Nest (whose own face is prettier than a Disney Princess, btw). 


Last, but definitely not least- I want to introduce you to the best thing that's ever happened to me, or indeed to the universe. It's also my excuse for tenuously naming this post after a Nic Cage movie (for which I'm not even going to pretend I'm sorry). Are you ready? 

[I've left a gap here on purpose so you can prepare yourselves. Emma Kate - you might want to grab a paper bag in case you hyperventilate.]


Isn't it AMAZING?! I can't decide which part I love the most - the fact that it's "signed" (this thing is about as official as me declaring myself the official face of Frosties due to my tiger facepaint), or the fact that they've Photoshopped his chest hair OVER HIS OWN BICEP. 

You may've noticed this is actually a pillowcase, but I've refused to use it as one because it'd mean that, like a small child's favourite toy, at some point it'd have to be washed - and I just couldn't bear to be be parted with it for the length of a washing machine cycle. So, instead, I've pinned it on my bedroom wall. Like the flag of an official fan club.

Have you seen any particularly brilliant faces recently? Or been given any official celebrity merchandise involving Photoshopped chest hair? Do share!

Katie xxx