22 March 2015

All That Glitters

Hello lovelies!

How are your weekends going?

So far, mine's been sparklier than a disco ball and twice as fabulous- and it's not even over yet! It kicked off in serious style after Bethanie invited me to her website launch party in Topshop Brighton. Bethanie and the Topshop Girls were all so sweet and welcoming, and any 4pm evening that starts with a cheeky glass of fizz is always going to be a winner, right?!

Prosecco, strawberries and cupcakes. AKA the perfect Friday afternoon

Whilst I was there, I was also treated to my first EVER manicure(!), courtesy of Powder Beauty Boutique, which means I've been finally been allowed entry to The Normal Girls' Club. Hurrah! 

I decided to use the (delicious!) teeny cupcakes as my nail colour scheme inspiration (to camouflage any rogue smears of icing left over from my enthusiastic sampling), and ended up with fingernails fit for Aspen Barbie (thanks to the snowglobesque speckled effect in the white varnish). 

At that, the glitter (nail) bar for my weekend had been set, but I actually managed to surpass it last night with this rather fetching artistic endeavour: 

I'm struggling to recall anything from recent exploits more enjoyable than painting someone's face with glitter while a bunch of drunken strangers bellowed out tunes from the Grease soundtrack. Which is just as well really, as I'm probably going to spend the next six years picking specks of glitter from my eyebrows...

What have you been up to this weekend?

Katie xxx

19 March 2015

Three Things Thursday

Hello lovelies!

In the grand tradition of Three Things Thursday, here are three things currently rocking my socks:

1. Chocolate Dinosaur Biscuits
When my sister-in-law-to-be told me she'd bought me a present as a thank you for assisting with their wedding plans, I stressed that there really was no need for a present, because I'm more than happy to help. Then I saw she'd bought me these (which I'd never even heard of before!!) and snatched gratefully received them so quickly that she almost lost a hand.

2. Chocolate Dinosaur Biscuits
So good I'm counting them twice. 

3. Lovely people on the internet
Who send me tweets like this:

Linking to stuff like this:

[image source]

Thank you, lovely internet people - you really are my favourites. 

Have you discovered anything particularly awesome recently?

Katie xxx

17 March 2015

Recently I've been...

... Dating
Skye, after she made me her +1 at Present in the Laine's first birthday party. OK, OK, so technically it wasn't an actual date (I could never get a babe like Skye) but I was still very tempted to wear my tuxedo jumpsuit

Bubbles and beauty products. Best first birthday ever!

... Running. Voluntarily.
Yes, you read that right. Sorry- I should've made sure you were sitting down first. Admittedly, I've only been three times, but I'm rather freaked out to admit that I'm weirdly enjoying it. 

My "What's happening to me?!" Face of Fear.

My 80's power ballad playlist is probably helping with the enjoyment factor. I'm also hoping that, seeing as power ballads are played over all "learns to do a sport well" montages in every movie ever made, listening to them while running will make me Run Good More Faster too. 

ALL THE THINGS. Hence the running. Recent discoveries have included:

A seriously wholesome box of vegetarian Lebanese food from Brighton's Street Food Market, which tasted all the better for being eaten outdoors, perched on a tombstone in my favourite graveyard. What do you mean, you don't have a favourite graveyard?!

Weird tinned fake meat from the Asian supermarket. I've yet to try the fake pork (or "fork") as I call it, but managed to transform the fricken into a reasonable veggie homage to shredded duck pancakes. 

It's something of an understatement to say I was rather excited about finding these chocolate button dispensers in hisbe; a new, independent supermarket in Brighton which only sells local produce. The premise is customers serve themselves by pulling the handle to fill up a paper bag. Essentially, they're arm-bandit arcade machines for sweet-toothed grown-ups; and YOU ALWAYS WIN. 

... Coveting
All the pretty things at the aforementioned PITL birthday party. 

Yes, that's a miniature lucky cat made of gold-coloured chocolate. Of course. 

... Feeling 
So proud of Emma Kate for launching her very own business selling vintage-style kitchen splashbacks; she's one seriously talented lady, and bloody lovely to boot. 

... Drinking
The most viscos milkshake I've ever attempted to suck through a straw, in the toddler-sized form of the Oreo Milkshake at Burgers and Cocktails. Yes, that's my third visit to B&C in under a month. No, I'm not sorry. 

The gorgeous Lauren snapping a shot of her salted caramel milkshake.
Blogger dinner dates rule.

... Plotting
A brand new project. It's a sort-of secret right now, but I'll be revealing all as soon as I can. Sorry- I'm being that annoying "I've got a secret I can't tell you" blogger, aren't I? *proffers packet of biscuits apologetically*

... Finding
The love of my life, thanks to Present in the Laine stocking products from the Brighton Beard Company. Fingers crossed this guy's on tinder!

... Smelling 
Like a Terry's Chocolate Orange, thanks to the Mocha Orange Figs & Rouge hand cream in my PITL birthday party goodie bag. Which was, rather serendipitously, also my favourite product in the shop! :)

... Completing
What will probably be my greatest achievement of 2015. 

My parents are so proud. I've told them to stick the empty jar on the front of the fridge.

What have you been up to recently? 

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm linking up to the fabulous Hannah's #TWTWC