27 July 2014

On giving myself a break

Hello lovelies!

How are you? I hope you've all had fabulous weekends of fabulousness.

Mine has involved hours and hours and HOURS of researching and writing a presentation for work, and very little else. If I pull this off, it could be one of the most important presentations of my career, so it's pretty important that I make it the best I possibly can.

This morning, while I observed the messy state of our house, saw the garden resembling the tale of Katie and the Monster Triffids (the less successful sequel to James and the Giant Peach), remembered the yet-to-be-painted kitchen cabinets and never ending list of DIY projects, and felt the extra two inches my hips have gained since Friday due to my patented Twix-based self-motivation method, I felt a bit despondent.

I allowed myself to wallow (like a Twix-fed hippo) for a few moments, and then gave myself a stern talking to. In my head, obviously. Although the neighbours did witness me apparently talking to myself on several occasions today (I was recording my presentation to check how long it was).

Sometimes I think I put too much pressure on myself to get everything sorted, like, yesterday. Seeing as my best skill is being able to juggle and multi-task like an automaton clown, if I'm not on top of it all, it feels like failing. So I told myself to snap out of it, because sometimes (gasp!) it's OK that some things haven't been done. We're not going to die from a bit of dust, the garden will wait until later, none of the DIY projects are affecting our daily lives, and (once I'm able to step away from my laptop and tackle all those other things listed above) I'm sure my hips will fall back in line soon enough.

So this evening, I will mostly be sprawling on the sofa with Tom, a movie, and a bowl of ice-cream, pointedly ignoring how the fan is blowing dust bunnies across the carpet like tumbleweeds in a bad Western.

Don't worry, though - it hasn't been all work and no play. On Friday we had our collective besties over for a BBQ, got smashed on champagne, and played drunken Pictionary. My best guess had to be "Mystery Cat Sunshine Cheese Sailor!". Strangely, I wasn't even close.

What have you been up to?

Katie xxx

23 July 2014

Floral Suitcase DIY

Hey m'dears 

Today I'm sharing a wee craft project I tackled at the weekend, after being inspired by the packaging from one of our deliveries:

Anyone shabby chic lover worth their chalk paint has probably lusted after a Sass and Belle floral suitcase, and I decided to use the leftover decoupage paper I was given last Christmas for a patchwork reindeer project to try and make my own version. I didn't have enough to cover the whole box in one colour, so I combined this blue one with this white one, and wrapped the handle in polkadot tape. Here's the work in progress:

I long ago accepted the fact that it's impossible for human beings to decoupage stuff without getting wrinkles in it, so here's the finished product, wrinkles and all:

It's not as pretty as Sass and Belle's, but I don't think it's too bad for a free version. 

What do you reckon? 

Katie xxx

22 July 2014

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies!

Swit-swoo - check out you and your fabulous hair!

Today I'm sharing three things which are currently forming the icing on my Life Cake*.

1. Attempting to be green fingered
By planting up our supermarket herbs in a giant baked bean tin, and willing them not to die. As you can see, the poor coriander is already on its last legs! At least it will go out looking fabulous.

Please note I said attempting - hence the Wonderland-style reminder on the label.

2. The perfect free-zine
I devoured the latest issue of Heart Home magazine over breakfast on Sunday, and found myself poring over every single page. It was as if it had been designed just for me, so of course I'm now wondering whether I'm the lead in a literary version of The Truman Show. Narcissist much?

[image source]

I would heartily (gettit?) recommend that you give it a read, if only for the fireplace leopards and fancy-pants outdoor chandelier. It's free by the way!

3. Groupie pants
The Brighton Etsy Party I attended in June was sponsored by Lush, and they'd replaced the bathroom soap with chunks of Rock Star. When I realised I was physically resisting sniffing my hands in public, I decided I should probably invest in some myself (so I could smell my hands in private to my heart's content, obviously).

[image source]

I treated myself to a chunk soon afterwards, but couldn't bear to actually use it! Mostly because it's too darn pretty, but also because it's a fair bit more expensive than our regular soap. Instead, I put the still-wrapped bar in my underwear drawer, because the cherry-scented bags I made last August have lost their smell. I'm sure you can guess how much the smell has permeated the fabric, given that the shops can be smelt from sixty miles away, and I'm LOVING the fact that all of my underwear smells like Rock Star. Mostly because it's hilarious.

What awesome things have you discovered recently?

Katie xxx

* I'm very glad that human lives aren't actually made of cake. I think I'd end up becoming an accidental murderer; and pleading innocence on the grounds of a sugar addiction probably wouldn't work.