29 January 2015

Three Things Thursday

Hello m'dears!

How have you been? 

Me oh my, have I got some treats in store for you today, in the form of three things currently making me twirl about in giddiness like Julie Andrews on a mountainside. Let's get this party started. 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter
Have you ever discovered something that made your whole life pre-that thing seem practically pointless? Well, I don't want to dramatise here (as if!), but this is very much one of those things. I can't believe I never knew that there was a moisturiser which is basically a legitimate way of rubbing a Milky Bar into your own face. 

[image source]

Seriously, it smells EXACTLY like white chocolate, and should probably come with a warning that using it will cause people to lick your jawline in the street. True story. It's equal parts delicious and dangerously addictive, and I've only just managed to resist eating it on toast. Get on it. 

2. Lucky Unicorns
I've been lusting after photos of previous Lucky Dip Club boxes on instagram for bloomin' ages, so when I found out that January's theme was unicorns(!!) I took it as a sign from The Gods of Glittery Magic that I should sign up IMMEDIATELY. I then promptly forgot all about it, so its arrival yesterday was basically a surprise present from Past Me. There might have been some gleeful squealing during the unwrapping process, but I defy you to find one person without a heart of stone who wouldn't squeal on discovering these beauties:

3. Watermelon Martinis
A few weeks ago I met a girlfriend for dinner at Burgers and Cocktails (creators of the Gravy Burger). We agreed it would be positively rude not to take advantage of their Happy Hour half-price cocktails; especially when half of them tasted like sweets. Our firm favourite of the night was their incredible Watermelon Martini. It's like a (drunken) summer in a sugar- (/salt-) rimmed glass. 

The burgers are also pretty darn fabulous, with veggie options that don't seem like an afterthought, and the sides include WHEELS OF MACARONI CHEESE. The brownie sundaes are OK, I guess, if you like brownie, ice-cream, and chocolate sauce all piled up together in a massive glass. I managed to choke this one down, because I'm a trooper.  

What's been floating your boat recently? 

Katie xxx

28 January 2015

(Road) Trippin'

S'up homies!

You're looking extra pretty today!  

I've been so super busy recently I've scarcely had time for second breakfasts! Obviously, I've made the time; a girl must stick to her priorities, after all. In the last few weeks I've been flat-hunting (aka snooping around other people's homes judging their colour scheme choices), eaten more chocolate than one human being should in a lifetime, wriggled my way into dozens of pretty dresses (trying on clothes counts as aerobic exercise, right?), and gone on a crazy road trip to visit friends in Exeter. I'm feeling exhausted just thinking about it. 

My Exeter adventures were surreal to say the least. I guess any roadtrip which starts with discovering The Service Station That Time Forgot sets a precedent for oddities in abundance. It was like a post-apocalyptic car boot sale. The items for sale included:

Metal fish...

Customisable teddy bears...

And 2013 diaries...

Excuse the blurriness; I was laughing too hard to focus. 

After that incredible start to the weekend, I also found...

Muffins From Outer Space

A tomb of Medieval bunk-beds. Can you imagine being cursed to spend eternity on the bottom bunk, while your buddy is on the top bunk with a girl?!

A serious collection of rubbers

Hitchcock's Dream Room

The world's weirdest salesman's sample

Tinned pigeon (just kidding)

The saddest/most excellent graffiti EVER

Awesome answers for Cards Against Humanity

Beautiful views

Fossils galore

A rather dashing light switch

And the most ironic sign placement I've ever seen


Exeter- you are ruddy brilliant.

What have you been up to recently? 

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm linking up to Hannah's #TWTWC, because she's a doll. 

16 January 2015

Stamp Snakes and Lindsay Lohan

Hey m'dears!

How are you?

My last two weeks have been brimming with goodness, like the Magic Porridge Pot. They've also involved a lot of actual porridge, as it's the only way I know to survive January (the Monday-est month of all). Today I'm sharing some recent events/discoveries which may even usurp my Christmas-time oddities. You'd best buckle your seatbelts because this is about to get pretty darn weird...

Catching a train into Brighton for a girl-date of wine + cheeky burrito (which would totally be my Drag Queen Name) presented the opportunity to admire this portrait in the station waiting room, which I’m 95% sure is of Lindsay Lohan:

Post-burrito, we headed to a local bar, where I discovered the new love of my life actual ambrosia. In case you were wondering, the Gods drink peanut butter milkshakes.

[There would’ve been a photo here, but it was too darn delicious to waste precious slurping seconds to get out my phone. Sorry]

A visit to the Novium Museum last weekend taught me that early radio signals were enhanced by thin pieces of wire, known as a cat's whisker, and I learnt a new word - unguentarium – a term for a vials or bottles used to hold scented oils or cosmetic/medicinal powders. Mini hotel shower gels never sounded so fancy!

I also found a snake made of postage stamps and leather (obviously) and a handy list of the professions I’ll be including under "Who I'd like to meet" on any future dating site profiles:

J. Faro was definitely my Dream Man. Including his excellent taste in fonts.

Just when I thought bathrooms couldn’t get any fancier, I found this sign for toilets that are OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE:

In other news, my mobile’s gone rogue and started running an app which scans my calendar and sends rather disconcerting reminders like “If you're planning to meet Lauren for tea, leave the house NOW! Go go go!”. It’s a very odd sensation to feel stalked by your own phone.

The icing on this cake of weirdness happened during a recent night-time drive, when I realised my headlights had stopped working. Pulling into a nearby field, I pushed every button and lever I could find to try and fix them. It took several, long minutes for me to realise how the flashing could appear to the cars parked nearby...

So, what've you been up to recently?

Katie xxx