10 September 2014

Food, glorious food

Hey m'dears!

Apologies for the silence- I've spent the last week or so in a pastry coma!

I started my new job on Thursday so my brain is filled to bursting with ideas, new information, questions, and 80's pop lyrics (well, some things never change!) so this post is probably going to be less loquacious* and more photo-heavy than normal. Let's start off with a shot of my new desk and admire my (totally unnecessary but oh so beautiful) stationery purchases, shall we?

Obviously, all of this learning has required plenty of brain fuel, so it was a happy coincidence for me that Brighton Food Festival was being held last weekend. We nibbled our way around the free samples, scooping up an armful of rather delicious fare along the way for an impromptu picnic and some mid-week snacking too. Our first purchase was a pair of scotch eggs so large that I'm pretty sure we were drawn to them by their own gravitational pull. 

Tom opted for the spiciest, meatest option on offer to scoff on site (and on sight), while I snapped up the Moroccan veggie version to eat for dinner with a side of roasted veg (in a bowl all the way from Morocco, to make it more authentic).

We also hefted home a chocolate twist pastry thing which was LITERALLY over 1 ft long. It didn't even fit in my bag! We *might* have shared the whole thing for breakfast the next day. And Tom wasn't that hungry, so the split might also have been 70:30.... Oops.

To give some scale-  that's a DINNER plate.

My belly has also recently been treated to:

A HUGE burger (involving four kinds of carbs and two kinds of cheese) from The Hartington, accompanied by a lovely trip down memory lane because it was our "local" during our final year in Brighton. 

A rather tasty pie, which contained 93% of my recommended daily limit of saturated fat. It tasted heavenly, which is rather ironic given that it's definitely knocked a few years off my life expectancy. 

Tea and biscuits, as a carpet picnic on a rainy afternoon. Note that I chose the room with green carpet, to make it more realistic:

A glass of wine, complete with flamingo. Proof that I'm hilarious after half a glass of wine...

And a bowl of mushroom soup topped with homemade parsnip crisps. Which totally balances out all the overindulgences. 

Between that and a walk along Brighton seafront to get to the food festival I've basically spent the last week at a healthy eating bootcamp!

On a side note, has anyone else noticed the weird my-jeans-feel-awfully-tight phenomenon going on recently? No?

Katie xxx

*A bit of trivia for you - I learned the word loquacious from Francis Boulle of MIC fame.

31 August 2014

Recently I've been...

(inwardly) at how silly I must've looked yesterday while queuing behind two six-year-olds*/sitting in the window at Claire's Accessories getting my right lobe pierced. You'll be pleased to hear I was super brave and didn't cry; I even turned down the offer of cuddling the tiara-wearing teddy bear at the piercing station! Of course, that might have been more to do with the fact I'm 26 and not 6 - not that you'd know it from the earrings I purchased afterwards. Prepare yourselves for a saucy flash of earlobe, people:

In the eight years since my first piercing (where on earth has that time gone?!) I'd forgotten how much they sting afterwards. It's almost like you've been shot with a tiny bullet... Handily, a post-piercing lunch date presented the perfect opportunity for a "medicinal" cider, to act as an anaesthetic. 

The Stars' Tennis Balls by His National Treasuryness Stephen Fry, borrowed from my local library as part of my genius plan to single-handedly prevent its closure by borrowing two books per week. I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but it turned out to be absolutely gripping. The character development is fantastic, with the occasional gory details written in such an off-hand way that they seem to sneak up on you. I'd highly recommend it.

I've also been reading loads of beautiful (fre)ezines via Issuu (which I recently discovered thanks to Louisa at Duck in a Dress) - a website which lets you read literally thousands of gorgeous online magazines, covering every subject you could possibly imagine, for absolutely nothing!


Fifteen English Pounds on the best top I've ever seen in the Sugarhill Boutique Outlet in Brighton. My visit went a little something like this:

During my shopping expedition I was also very excited to discover that my long-time online love (purely in the retail sense - I'm not having a cyber-affair!) Oliver Bonas now has a shop in Brighton! I had a gleeful rummage through the sale section and snapped up this bargainous necklace for £8 instead of £28 :)

What have you been up to this week? 

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm linking up once more to lovely Hannah's TWTWC, which is being hosted by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy this week because Hannah is currently on her Hen Do!

*I worked this out from the date tattooed on the back of one mother's neck; assuming it's her kid's birthday and not just a date she needed to remember in 2008, perhaps for a dentist's appointment. 

29 August 2014

Kitchen Makeover

Hey m'dears! 

As promised on Sunday, today I'm sharing the before/after shots from my kitchen makeover. Kitchen makeovers are one of my favourite things in the whole wide world, so I'm particularly excited about finally having one of my own to share :) 

I never actually intended to paint our kitchen, because we're planning to build a country style kitchen-diner extension at some point in the distant future when we can afford it. Then we decided to get floorboards laid on our ground floor, which meant I either had to paint the hideous pine cupboards or be OK with the kitchen looking like a sauna. 

I can hear you thinking "Enough already with setting the context- show me some photographs!", so let's get this party started with some photos of the "before":

Delightful, wasn't it? I don't know which bit I loved most - the peaches-and-mustard wallpaper, dated floral motifs, or fake-tan-orange and brown colour scheme. I started off by painting the walls white, then did the same with the tiles. I also changed the ugly blind for something a little less traditional, and gave our whiteboard a mini-makeover. That just left the cupboards, carcasses, skirting boards, door frames, trim and handles... Simple, eh? 

So that's what I did last week:

The new handles were a mini DIY project on their own, after I realised the handles I wanted would cost £250(!) due to having 22 doors/ drawers in our kitchen. I bought some plain wooden discs and a piece of dowel from ebay, Tom cut and screwed them together to make the handles, and I painted them all in different colours. 

I love that the handles have become the main feature of the kitchen due to everything else being white like a regular, grown-up kitchen. Well, almost everything... Remember this wallpaper?

I've lined the backs of all the top cupboards with it, and the inside panels of every door. Teehee. 

I also decided to treat us to a new kitchen bin, replacing the rather revolting swing-top office bin we've been using since moving in four years ago. I found this beauty at Dunelm Mill:

I reckon one final reminder of the before/after comparison is in order to finish this off:

What do you think?

Katie xxx

P.S. If you want a peep at some other rooms in our house you can find them in my House Tour posts.